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What causes
Skin Sensitivity?

The environment - outside and in

Changes in the weather donít just affect your wardrobe; they affect your skin too, especially when itís colder. In winter, the cooler air combined with central heating (and moving between the two) can cause skin to become dehydrated and potentially more sensitive. This is why your lips tend to become sorer in winter. Its not only the cold -the effects of the sunís rays can damage your skin barrier, causing skin sensitivity as well.

Dirt & Pollution

Dirt and pollution Ė things like exhaust fumes, smoke and dust Ė these can leave your skin feeling irritated and dirty and are pretty hard to avoid. Throughout the course of the day pollution in the air sticks to your skin and is absorbed by the skinís natural barrier. Over time, it can irritate and weaken the skinís natural barrier, which means it can no longer do its job properly and leaves your skin feeling more sensitive.

Hard water

Hard water contains high levels of minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium, and is highly alkaline. You often see the signs of hard water around taps, sinks and in kettles in the form of lime scale. Fancy that on your skin? No, neither do we! Washing in hard water can actually make skin feel more irritated.


Itís true! Excessive cleansing with the wrong products can cause skin to become irritated and sore. Treat skin with care. Avoid over cleansing & avoid harsh ingredients. If you choose the right products for your skin type, cleansing can actually help improve the function of your skin barrier & reduce sensitivity, itís about choosing the right product.


Your lifestyle plays a big part in skin health. Late nights, lack of sleep, working in an air conditioned office, and smoking can all impact your skin. Other things such as the chlorine in swimming pools and air travel can also impact skin too.


This particularly affects women and itís almost always around the time of your period. Fluctuating hormonal activity can not only cause the characteristic monthly break-outs but can also increase skins sensitivity overall. You will also notice the impact of hormones during pregnancy and your teen years too.


Stress can be caused by many things such as problems at work or home, lack of sleep, bad diet or being poorly. The hormones that are affected by stress can cause your skin to slow down, if this continues for long enough your skin will not maintain and repair your barrier as quickly it should. This could lead to your skin becoming sensitive.


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